Symi is located in the southeastern Aegean Sea and northeast of Rhodes. It is a beautiful and unique island. The mountainous and barren territory, with few plains forced from ancient times the residents to deal with shipping and trade sectors that gave the island economic prosperity. Symi is an island luxury and seems even today while browsing the guest in Ano Symi and the outskirts. 
Symi is an island of incomparable beauty, stunning landscapes and villages worth visiting. Outside the city has another 4 settlements: Emporio or Niborio which is the second port of Symi. Located on the west side of the island is a small picturesque village with a lovely beach. The Marathounta, where is one of the most beautiful beaches. Pedi is a coastal settlement and is located 2 km. east of Ano Symi. It is built around the homonymous bay. It has a lovely sandy beach. The surrounding location is surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees. And Panormitis where is the famous homonymous Byzantine monastery. Each of these villages will charm you for different reasons. 
Also, during your stay in Symi recommend to visit the main historic and religious monuments of the island. Such as: 
The Castle of the Knights, located at the highest point of the city. One part is built from pieces of the wall that surrounded the ancient citadel on the hill. At the entrance there is still the emblem. 
The Church of the Virgin Mary, located in the area of ​​the castle and all the small churches that their yards are paved with black and white pebbles and present a beautiful and nostalgic image. 
The Museum of the island that is home to sculptures, inscriptions, vases, Byzantine coins, icons and folklore material. 
The monastery of Panormiti is dedicated to the Archangel Michael. The church’s interior is covered with Byzantine frescoes. Singles carved iconostasis filled with offerings (tamata) and the golden image of the Saint. The sacristy contains the offerings that put in bottles sailors and as they say the ‘sees’ the sea. 
And of course the beaches will leave the best impression for its purity and natural beauty. Most of them have accessed only at sea. The tours with traditional fishing boats is an experience you have to live in Simi why would you unforgettable moments.